A selection of batting, fusibles and fiberfill for all your quilting needs.  We carry Quilters Dream 100% Cotton quilt batting.  Our polyester fiberfill is made from a blend of fine polyester fiber.  We carry a variety of fusibles for your sewing projects.
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Aquamesh Washaway 10" x 10yds


Aquamesh Washaway 15" x 10yds


AquameshPlusWshaway 10" x 5yds


Badgemaster AquaFilm 12"X8yds


Easy Knit Fusible Tricot Pellon 20in x 25yds White


Extra Wt Aquafilm 8"x10yds


Flex Foam 20in


Flex Foam 60in


Fuse Fleece 20" x 5yd


Fusible Mid To Heavyweight Pellon 20in x 25yds


HeatnBond Lite 17 x 35yd Bolt


Heavy Duty Wonder Under Pellon 17in x 25yds


HvyWt CutAway 2.5oz 10"x10yd


HvyWt CutAway 2.5oz 15"x10yd


HvyWt TearAway 2.5oz 10"x10yd


HW CutAway 2.5oz 15"x10yd Blck


HydroStick TearAway 1.5oz LW


In R Form Fusible Stablzr 18x58


Insul-Bright 45in x 40yds


InsulBright Batting 22X20yd


Katahdin on A Roll 2 1/2x25yds


Lite Steam A Seam 2 18 inch


Matte Vinyl Fuse 15in x 2yds


Med Wt TearAway 2.0oz 15"x10yd


Mistyfuse White 12in x 100yds


Pellon EZ Steam II 1/4in x 40yds


Polymesh CutAway 10"x10yd Blck


Polymsh Cut Wht 1.5oz 10"x10yd


Polymsh Cut Wht 1.5oz 10"x10yd


Polymsh Cut Wht 1.5oz 15"x10yd


Polymsh CutAway 10"x10yd Beige


Quilters Dream Request Natural King 122x120


Quilters Dream Request Natural Double 93x96


Quilters Dream Request Natural Queen 108x93


Quilters Dream Request Natural Throw 60x60


Quilters Dream Request White Queen 108x93


Quilters Dream Select Natural King


Quilters Dream Wool Queen 93x108


Quilters Dream Wool Twin 72x93


Sew Lazy Face It Firm Fusible Interfacing


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